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Use Your Tax Return to Buy or Lease a Car near Arlington, VA

Put a Down Payment Towards Buying or Leasing a Vehicle at Pohanka Acura

Getting money back from your tax return is like a gift in the middle of April. If you’ve been waffling about getting a new car, this is the push you’ve been needing. Use your tax return to buy or lease a car near Arlington, VA, at Pohanka Acura to get behind the wheel of a brand-new Acura today.

There are two options for when you stop in to Pohanka Acura, both with their advantages; buying a car or leasing a car. If you buy a new Acura, you’ll make a down payment up front toward the total value of the car. You’ll get to work with our Finance Team to set up monthly payments and your annual percentage rate, or APR. Most payment plans are between 24- and 72-months, depending on how big you want your monthly payments to be, and how quickly you want to pay off your car. Once you buy the car and complete the payment plan, it’s all yours! No more payments, and you have the ability to sell or trade-in the vehicle at your discretion. There are also no mileage restrictions so if you’re looking for a car that is durable and will last you for the foreseeable future, buying could be the best option for you.

The other option to use your tax return to buy or lease a car near Arlington, VA, is to lease a car, and there are a few different rules in place. First off, there’s a much smaller down payment than if you were buying the car, and in some cases, there is no down payment at all. The duration of your lease is between 24-48 months, depending on what your needs are. You’ll also have a lower monthly payment since you’re only paying the depreciation of the car, not its actual value. There is a mileage limit of 12,000-15,000 per year on average so if you’re looking for a car to commute daily with, leasing could be an attractive option. Many people want to keep up with the latest models of Acura, and leasing is a perfect opportunity to do just that; once your lease is up, you can choose to buy the car you’ve been leasing, or lease a different car to check out the new features and upgrades on the latest model year. 

Stop in today to Pohanka Acura to use your tax return to buy or lease a car near Arlington, VA. We have all the latest Acura models for you to choose from, and our staff is ready and waiting to provide you with the best customer service. We’re open seven days a week and located at 13911 Lee Jackson Hwy in Chantilly, VA.


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